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Mira is a Maid and main protagonist of the story who works in the castle quarters. She is shy and a sweet natured person who will go all the way to help someone in need.  She works under the supervision of the Castlekeeper and is a maid-of-all-work who helps maintain the Castle quarters. 

Full Name: Mira Saffron

Age: 17

Sex: Female

VA: Rina Mizura Adachi


The Castle Soldiers work within the castle and keep it safe from invasion. They guard the hallways and the Prince with their life. The guards all dressed alike and all of them wear the exact same Armor.  Heavy-duty soldiers wear thicker Armor.

Full Name: Azaliea Soldiers

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male

VA: Dave Soltura

Interview with Rina Mizura Adachi voice of Prince Pancake & Mira

When you did the voice for Mira, how did the character come across to you?

"That’s a bit tough. Honestly she seemed very standard and Cinderella-y which I think was kind of the point... Kind of like that good friend you have that doesn’t make all that much impact in your life but is really trying in her own. Haha!"

Out of the four characters you voiced, which of the 4 stood out to you most and why?

"I’m going to say Lemon this time around. Not that she appeared for very long but she seems to always have a hidden hint of knowing something more about the situation but Gigi kind of pushes it aside. (I’m an English major — always think there’s some significance to everything, haha!)."

Are you a gamer? If so what kind of games do you like playing?

"Yep! I tend to stick to RPG's or hackn’slash since I can’t play FPS to save my life though. I’m also a very big fan of visual novels."

What do you think of Visual Novel type games?

"Love ‘em! I grew up with the Tokimemo dating series, haha. The genre just stuck to me after that point. I enjoyed the kind of evolved versions too (Phoenix Wright/999,etc—only say evolved since you actually have to do something besides read through the story and choose paths)."


Gigi Pancake Surprise.mp3